Jun. 18, 2022

A Mid Summer Night's Detour...


... from the usual conception of the "1st" day of Summer.

It is Mid Summer June 21ish. Summer Solstice. It is a shift back toward shorter days and coolness, after the longest day of the year. Equal days / equal nights occur at the Equinoxes.

So, how can this be the "1st day of Summer" when Summer's actually turning around and walking away? Just as mid winter Solstice, December 21ish, is the shift back to longer days and warmer temps, as Winter passes away.

These mark the high points of the Summer (longest day) and Winter (longest night). Consider Shakespeare's production called a "Midsummer Night's Dream." If he'd gone with the "modern" calendar and vernacular, he'd have called it "The 1st Day of Summer Night's Dream." (How poetic is that?)

I hate to say it, but in this writer's opinion, the pagans got the "cosmic cycles" nailed down better than the Emperors and Popes of the West, who popped out their own versions of calendars (perhaps with an agenda that didn't have too much to do with actually BEING Christian).

There's always been a lot of fuss in those circles about what calendars are correct. Long story. Ye gads.

Indigenous peoples were very much dependent on harmoniously interacting with the cycles of nature, with crops, herds, flocks, migrating with the seasons, and the like for survival, and were very tuned in to the natural order, as the sky overhead governed the seasons. It was probably just Summer Solstice to them and Winter Solstice. Probably didn't even call it that. Nothing about shortest, longest, first, or last. But I digress.

New flash! This does not, in this writer's mind, condone any of their other idolatrous and sacrificial bloody rituals to demonic influences and entities, or the worship of created things.

It's actually Mid Summer time now. If you just consider what's actually going on in the sky overhead. My conclusion. That's why we're having peak heat now. Which tapers off with shorter days, ebbing and flowing until it actually gets ... cold, sometime in the blurry end of November.

At least it does that when those who would technologically control the weather are not tampering with the clouds, and "playing the HAARP" among the clouds, shall we say... But when do they not do that? It keeps everyone guessing.

I will probably get flack for this in terms of compromising or criticising "The Faith". (And don't forget, "The Science"!)

Suffice it to say, I think we should give credit where credit is due, and call a spade a spade. Might learn a thing or two that's useful.

After much looking into this over the years, this is my conclusion. And my opinion.


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