Aug. 30, 2022

No More Chicken Little

It's become clear that the "shot" heard round the world sent most into a Chicken Little moment. Duck! Be afraid. Be confused... Um, no. Time to stop ducking from technopharmaceuticartel snipers et al and bring about a better normal having little resemblance to either old or new normal. Time to "redeem the time." Regularity seriously needs to be regimented into life. Therefore, the intention at this point is to designate days for specific creative endeavors - Tuesdays and Thursday post chores and responsibilities, for Art Evenings, and Wednesdays and Fridays for Music Evenings. Patterns of behaviors create, one could say, circuits and regularity - rhythm as it were... Will see how this goes without letting go of it. Time to stop flying by the seat of one's britches, so to speak. It's a start...
No, "they" are only in retreat for a sidewinder maneuver and will not let things go.
We the People can play that game too. Ask, seek, knock for the Holy Spirit. Pray for Wisdom. God desires to give these to all who ask and keep on asking, but let us not shrink back.


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